Essence of life cycles {Software}

Every software engineer knows that the life cycle of software is key when implementing anything and the main path or roadmap that is taken makes the development with more quality and professionalism. Life cycles have been since the beginning of software development and are always changing, morphing and multiplying.

Benefits of SD life cycles

When taking in practice these cycles one can easily determine the most important tasks and actions to make the development with structure and have the team with a main objective to fulfil. Also by having these steps or blocks in the cycle, the cooperation of the team increases by type of work and creates control in the whole project.

The main reason the life cycles are used is because of the flow that is made which helps to define the objective and the real steps that must be taken to develop at full control with feedback on the way.

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Life Cycle Models

There are many flavours and colours of life cycle models, and every one of them serves for a purpose. Some of them are used more because of the popularity and cases of success that have been made with them. And with that reason, other models are upgraded with the time. For instance, the main essence of life cycle models is the following.

More info about the software development cycle

It is said that the software life cycle is circular because of the never ending flow of it. One can start in whichever step and continue to develop without problem. It depends also in the project that is being made, but essentially it is made to start in any step possible.

Each step of the process makes the development easier, and that’s because it makes you think like a self building machine which works only one task at a time and tries hard to stay in the rail. So when there is a team in the project, all of them can be in the same level of understanding and actually work together as an individual.

This topic has helped many big industries of software development that need to make progress with hundreds of employees and thousands of ideas. For instance, the Agile Model is on the most famous ones because of the versatility of it. It can be used by an individual or by big industries. The importance is that with these models, there is a path to follow and one can get feedback to even improve the main model.

At the end, SD Life Cycles are a huge pack of tools which one can pick off and start working. One should always know are least one of the models to work in the software development industry, so I recommend to read about all the types of models and their functionality.

It’s OK to start small. As long as you start.

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