Ideal staffing curve

Design requirements are a valuable component in the process of software development. When I started working as a web developer, I thought that the code was supposed to be made at the same time of the design. Adding new features and colors on the go, and fixing issues as the project developed. But this technique... Continue Reading →

Human Conflict

Chapter 17 and 18 were full of conflict. Or how to solve conflict to be more precise. I was really interested by them because of the realization I had. The main idea for the first chapter is that most of the people know about business conflicts. These situations happen in every party that is having... Continue Reading →

Hidden Intentions

When dealing with dangerous deadlines, tough decisions, and very little time, there are several consequences in the behavior of managers in this case. For the chapter 16, the angry manager is introduced, and the real question about it is, why is he angry? Mr. Tomkins, investigating this case, found that when a manager is angry,... Continue Reading →

Under Pressure

Belok. One of the biggest obstacle in Tompkins's management work. Hits again in chapter 15 with another ridiculous request for Mr. T. We know that the program of process improvement was doing alright. And now, Belok wanted to squeeze more of the company and the employees by increasing the extra hours and giving them more... Continue Reading →

Improving the Process

As the development of all products that Tompkins manages continues, new adversities appear. In chapters 13 and 14, the process improvement is the main idea that is discussed and some new characters are introduced. The challenge of these two chapters start by a new Belok's intervention. If one remembers, Belok is the substitute of NNL... Continue Reading →

Function Points

In chapter 12 of the book The Deadline, a numbers man appears into place. This new character which is introduced very fast also ends its appearance in a flash, goes to the point of his work and helps Tompkins' dream team. This man, called T. Jons Caporous, is presented as an incredible person with mathematics... Continue Reading →

Politics, the noble science

"You will always encounter that kind of people anywhere you go". That's what my father used to tell me when I was complaining about someone from work or school for being a jerk, or by just being and obstacle in progress itself. So time passed and I still encounter that kind of individuals, but I... Continue Reading →

Measuring Hunches

You are having a big meeting in the office and a decision must be made to take action about an important matter. The numbers are there, but the way they are displayed, they are not showing their full potential. So then, one must make a decision with this data that does not fit perfectly in... Continue Reading →

Home Office – The pre pandemic way

It is the beginning of the day. As usual, I start the day by preparing breakfast and getting ready for work. But this time, I sit down on my desk and start communicating with my coworkers to establish the tasks due today. This is what millions of people are experiencing in this time of pandemic.... Continue Reading →

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