Home Office – The pre pandemic way

It is the beginning of the day. As usual, I start the day by preparing breakfast and getting ready for work. But this time, I sit down on my desk and start communicating with my coworkers to establish the tasks due today. This is what millions of people are experiencing in this time of pandemic.... Continue Reading →

Productivity, Risk and Defense

As Dr. Hector Rizzoli stated, there is no such things as a short-term productivity fix. In this chapter of the book The Deadline, one can learn first about the productivity improvement when doing project management. But for this case, Mr. Tompkins had to execute a perfect plan for "stealing" Dr. Rizzoli from his trip. This... Continue Reading →

Management with the heart

Management is not exactly a cerebral science. In these two chapters there are several topics which one would not think they relate to project management. It all starts by Mr. T. thinking about the job that he is about to take. It will require to administrate 15000 people and making the projects that were introduced... Continue Reading →

Deadline reflection ch 3-5

“I am sick to death of being given impossible schedules” says Mr. T. in this third chapter of the book. He wakes up in this house and starts the new adventure with many questions, but lots of confidence. Even though Lahksa starts telling him that he is already late and needs to catch up, Tompkins... Continue Reading →

Economics of Software Engineering

By Diego Solórzano O., 2020 The first main topic of my project management course. Economics of Software Engineering. I must say that at first, I really was not into it, and that is because I do not like economics as much as I should. I read from different sources about the secondary topics about engineering... Continue Reading →

Deadline Reflection Ch1-2

I never expected to read a novel about project management. My first impression of it was that it has a creative approach to introducing important concepts of this topic in a smooth and intelligent way. The story in this first two chapters introduces two characters with very peculiar personalities and great perspective of the situation.... Continue Reading →

Final Reflection

            It is the end of the semester, and my modeling system’s skills have gotten stronger than I thought. At first, I thought that I wouldn’t learn with this type of blogging method, but now I know that I was terribly wrong. I have found a new way of learning that not only helps me... Continue Reading →

OO Testing

            Object-oriented programming is one of the best coding structures and one of the most used one by the majority of companies around the world. This implies that testing these big software developments must be a challenging work to do. But in fact, there are many levels and techniques that are used to make this... Continue Reading →

2V’s of coding

To understand the meaning of the 2V’s of coding which are verification and validations, there must be a descriptive key difference between them so that one can make a conclusion of what is it of each one. Verification and validation are the process of reviewing a code to check for system specifications and standards that... Continue Reading →


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