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  • Economics of Software Engineering

    18 February, 2020 by

    The first main topic of my project management course. Economics of Software Engineering. I must say that at first, I really was not into it, and that is because I do not like economics as much as I should. I read from different sources about the secondary topics about engineering economics and I found out… Read more

  • Deadline Reflection Ch1-2

    17 February, 2020 by

    I never expected to read a novel about project management. My first impression of it was that it has a creative approach to introducing important concepts of this topic in a smooth and intelligent way. The story in this first two chapters introduces two characters with very peculiar personalities and great perspective of the situation.… Read more

  • Final Reflection

    5 December, 2019 by

                It is the end of the semester, and my modeling system’s skills have gotten stronger than I thought. At first, I thought that I wouldn’t learn with this type of blogging method, but now I know that I was terribly wrong. I have found a new way of learning that not only helps me… Read more

  • OO Testing

    25 November, 2019 by

                Object-oriented programming is one of the best coding structures and one of the most used one by the majority of companies around the world. This implies that testing these big software developments must be a challenging work to do. But in fact, there are many levels and techniques that are used to make this… Read more

  • 2V’s of coding

    25 November, 2019 by

    To understand the meaning of the 2V’s of coding which are verification and validations, there must be a descriptive key difference between them so that one can make a conclusion of what is it of each one. Verification and validation are the process of reviewing a code to check for system specifications and standards that… Read more

  • Code Review / Practices and tips

    25 November, 2019 by

    As the developing of software is in process, there must be a time for debugging and code revision. Theses stages must take place many times in the developing process because of the impact they can made if one knows how to apply them in a great way. Debugging can help us to find a solution… Read more

  • Second Reflection

    2 November, 2019 by

    For this second reflection it is important to understand the flow of the topics and how they take part in the process of modelling systems to have a successful developed software. From design patterns, to classes and code, these main topics can be transformed into steps that one can take to develop a new skill… Read more

  • Classes 2 code

    27 October, 2019 by

    From the last post, the main idea of transforming a class into a table was key to understand why it is used so much. Databases are modeled this way and now this post will discuss instead of just making databases and tables from designs and classes, now the code is the one being made or… Read more

  • Classes/Tables – Mapping/Relations

    25 October, 2019 by

    When a developer has a complex software engineering case, or a big project with different kinds of teams, it is optimal to make the design pattern of the software which will be developed. There are many kinds of tools for making a great software design representation, and that is because of the impact that it… Read more

  • The UML_ ( Part 2 )

    10 October, 2019 by

    The Unified Modeling Language, as stated in the last post called UML_ (Part 1), is a set of diagrams to standardize the modeling languages and help to develop software systems so developers can visualize, construct, and document the whole process in a short and standardized way. The UML is a collection of engineering practices to… Read more

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