Use Cases in OOP

Object Oriented Programming. One of the most effective methods of coding in this point of time. This particular way of developing new ideas into software makes it easy for the whole world to grow in the programming area. But the object oriented programming is not alone in this quite flow of progress, because it has the Use Cases to make it even more structured and efficient.

The Use Cases in OOP ( Object Oriented Programming ) takes the power of the method and makes it more reliable since the beginning of the development of the project that is being coded. But to really know the impact that the Use Cases do on the OOP one can make an example with a simple topic like a bank account.

By Colin H, Wood Stack

In this case of a bank account, the user must take place in one side of the model, and on the other side the main application itself. In between them, there must be stacks of blocks of use cases that the user would make with the application. So when drawing or making this model, there must be stacks of functions that the system needs to make in order to complete the tasks that the user wants.

This strategy works also with multiple types of users, which some of them can be administrators of the application, pure users or moderators. The essence of the Use Cases is that with the blocks being made and the users being structured correctly, one can start developing each one of the cases until all of the requests are fulfilled and the application does the work that the user is asking for.

By Rod Hanchard-Goodwin, Stacked

In the end, both the concepts of OOP and Use Cases are closer than they look. They both work perfectly together and that is why it is used everywhere in the software development environment. The Use Cases model makes the objectives clear, the input and the output of a problem, and the flow of a process in the system. The OOP makes the software development more structured, with constructs, objects, and states that connect perfectly in the way the Use Cases model works.

A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline

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