Classes 2 code

From the last post, the main idea of transforming a class into a table was key to understand why it is used so much. Databases are modeled this way and now this post will discuss instead of just making databases and tables from designs and classes, now the code is the one being made or being transformed from it. It is easier to make code from a design if it is already designed in an object-oriented way, and this is because most of the programming languages use this technique to make the code clearer and more efficient.

I really recommend making the relations and dependencies in a table way before making code, and this is because when making the tables, relations and dependencies are made, this makes really simpler the way of coding because one can get the idea of how the structure must be made to be able to use information from the table and compute the logic within the program. This can be escalated quickly into a big problem if the design is not in the object-oriented form at first, but it will be discussed at the end of the post. The importance here is to try as many times as possible to start first with the relations and tables to make coding much effective.

Do language choice affect?

This is a typical question when starting to learn programming. Just from pure logic, there are some programming languages which are more powerful, more organized or faster, but the real answer here is that it depends on the design pattern that one is working with. If it is simple, fast and with an object-oriented design, it can be done with most of the programming languages used nowadays. If you are looking for the best communication with hardware, of the best API designs, there are other several languages which are better than others in those few topics.

For instance, if we want to make an operating system, C can be an excellent choice because of his connection with hardware. But if we are looking for a good API structure with backend and frontend, we can use Python to make these connections and features to work in a clean and effective way. So, at the end, it all comes together when looking for a good design pattern to complement with an excellent programming language.

Non object-oriented languages

As explained before, there are some languages which were not made to accept or to be able to code in object-oriented designs. These languages are more functions oriented or just work with few tools to code for a specific hardware. In those cases, one can sometimes emulate the object-oriented designs with functions of different purposes. Or even find another way to represent these forms of structures.

To conclude, it is highly recommended to have a good pattern design in play so that it can be adapted in a very fluent way into code. It is also recommended to have the design translated into a database for relations and dependencies. Most of times, object-oriented programming will be in the design made, but there are other several designs which do not depend from objects and can also be easily translated into code.

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